Paris Trip 2017

  • Paris Trip 2017
  • Paris Trip 2017

07 September 2017

Paris 2017

This year, Mrs Long organised a fun and enjoyable trip for Year 9s and some eager Year 10s to Paris, France.

The adventure to Paris was filled with interesting visits to many places along the way.

Ordering lunch in French in Arras was challenging but we eventually ate, after giving up and speaking in English! We then visited Vimy which was intriguing and amazed us as witnessing the trenches and craters increased our respect and understanding of the war. Also that day, we visited Wellington Quarry where we thought we looked fabulous in the hard, dirty World War helmets. Dinner at Hippopotamus was a great night as whilst we were adjusting to the lush heat, our excitement levels hit one hundred.

Monday was a sightseeing extravaganza. Firstly, we visited the Sacré Coeur; we took a peaceful walk around the church as well as a wander around the shops eating crepes and ice-cream. As soon as we heard the name Notre Dame our eyes hunted for the hunchback of Notre Dame, which the teachers teased us about. Next, we stopped for lunch at Le Quartier Latin which was a quiet square with many petite Cafes. Ordering food in French was also quite an experience. Next we had a great tour led by Mrs Long around Paris. The boys wished they had had time to go into Gucci  for the must have sliders but the girls managed to skip lunch for an expensive trip to Sephora, which then led the rest of the bus to nag Mrs Long for a trip to Sephora. Andy, the driver, also had fun on the Arc de Triomphe which we went around, which felt like hours. The Hard Rock Café had a friendly atmosphere with great music. I love my new Hard Rock Café jumper! The view of the Eiffel Tower was gorgeous from the tall Montparnasse Tower and from Trocadéro where we stopped for unique pictures of us holding the picturesque Eiffel Tower.

Disney Land Paris. This day was filled with fun, laughter and … queues! We filled this day with rides and roller-coasters and joined in with the Disney spirit. Apart from us chickening out of the tower of terror, Thunder Mountain was tremendous fun. Lewis Wright particularly enjoyed Space Mountain which was worth the wait. Planet Hollywood was a fascinating restaurant with many vintage and famous objects. The food was delicious with a yummy ice-cream for dessert which all my friends ate.  The shuttle bus home was class as our very enthusiastic chorus of ‘Calon Lan’, ‘The Bear Necessities’ and ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ lightened up the bus with a homely atmosphere.

Wednesday was the final shabang! The long journey home was great fun as binge watching the entire Toy Story movies was great. A visit to the La Coupole World War Two museum was also greatly fascinating, as it was a preserved launch site for the V2 rockets. We then stopped for a shop after Mrs Long had given in to our Sephora shopping nag, where the rest of us could finally waste our money.  The Disney sing-along was hilarious as well as Tom Lewis’ rap on the bus’s microphone. The ‘Oh Andy the Driver’ song was a classic. Mrs Long’s team, Team Mickey (the team I was on!) won by a mile and was a great competition between Daisy, Goofy, Donald, Minnie and Mickey.

Overall, the trip was a brilliant experience and we are very thankful to all the teachers who made it possible to have such a great time, especially to Mrs Long for organising the trip and helping team Mickey win.  

By Sarah Evans, Year 9


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