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03 December 2018

Year 9’s competed in the first event of the day and set high expectations for those who followed. With the games being short sharp bursts of 3 minute halves, each team felt the pressure to get some scores on the board in order to secure a top finish. The girls gave a fantastic display of teamwork and communication throughout the morning and continuously showed their competitiveness and eagerness to succeed.

From the off, Teilo demonstrated strength and determination against each of the teams, using consistently good skills and teamwork and eventually coming away with 3 wins. Ioan battled hard in order to take away a number of wins and secure the second spot in the table. Both Dewi and Deiniol showed great determination and resilience to keep fighting and keep demonstrating the teamwork that they required. Well done to everyone that was involved, you all put in an amazing amount of hard work which was really nice to see! Well done to Holly and Hollie on being joint ‘Player of the Tournament’, thoroughly deserved.

Next up to battle it out to be House Games Champions were the Year 8 girls who brought the final points even closer. In fourth place came Deiniol who once again showed great resilience to keep battling throughout the morning. They never gave up and worked for every minute that they were on court. In third place were Ioan who took the reigning champions to a draw, their defence worked extremely hard to keep the opposing attack out of the shooting circle. The final places depending upon a number of results with this being one. With only one point separating second and first place, Teilo were eager to achieve the “double” and take home first place. However, Dewi’s draw with Ioan gave them the edge by one point meaning that we had a new champion for the Year 8 competition. Well done to everyone that took part and put on an amazing display of sportsmanship during the morning’s activities. Player of the Tournament was awarded to Ellie which was thoroughly deserved.

Year 7 ended the morning’s activities and did so with a crowd pleaser. Bringing the scores even closer than the previous year group, the Year 7 girls’ results were all separated by a single point. With many of the girls having not experienced a netball match prior to this morning, our year 10 umpires were keen to guide the Year 7’s through the rules of the game. Dewi were able to gain 2 points from 2 draws that were pleasing to watch and kept us on the edge of our seats throughout. In third place were Deiniol who managed to sneak a final minute goal to seal their victory. In second place came Teilo who managed to sneak in a number of goals to ensure that they finished towards the top of the table, which meant that Ioan became the House Champions for Year 7. A huge congratulations to all year 7’s that took part in their first House Games event. You all showed great sportsmanship, team work and an amazing display of behaviour throughout the morning. Year 7 Players of the Tournament were awarded to Gracie and Bethan.

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