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12 March 2018

On Monday 5th March, Gemma, Angharad and I (Year 11) went to the Assembly, Cardiff for the ESU Public Speaking competition.

A role was allocated to each of us: Gemma was our Speaker, Angharad was our Chairperson, and I was our Questioner.

The speaker was required to make a speech on a given topic; ours was “Is Britain doing enough to eradicate hate crime?” From there, a Questioner from another team had to ask question based on their speech in order to further explore the topic.
The Chairperson’s job was to introduce the group, summarise and conclude the presentation.
Overall, there were six teams that competed, all of which provided great competition.
However, Y Pant were definitely the deserving winners.

Even though we didn’t win, we were all so grateful for the experience, and a massive thanks goes to Mrs Hopes for the opportunity.

We wish Y Pant the best of luck for the Final at Cambridge University in April.

Bethany, Year 11

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