Holocaust Memorial Assembly 2019

  • Holocaust Memorial Assembly 2019

22 January 2019

The theme for the 2019 Holocaust Memorial Day is 'Torn from Home'. Staff and pupils reflected on how survivors of Nazi persecution, whom they had met, had been torn from home. 

The assembly was led by: Ms Bell, History Curriculum Leader, Mrs Long, Year 10 Learning Manager and teacher of History, Mr Doherty, teacher of English and Mr Toghill, Assistant Headteacher and the Senior prefect team.



The school was pleased to welcome many guests and its governors to the assembly:  Father Robert, Chair of Governors, Father Matthew, Governor, Father Richard, Governor, Gaynor Davies, RCT Director of Learning, Debbie Lewis, CSC Senior Lead Teaching and Learning, Martyn Silezin, RCT 14-19 Strategy Officer, Zoe Lancelott, RCT Head of Community and Wellbeing and Resilience, Elizabeth Ellis, Friends of St John Baptist High School, David Anstee, Headteacher Cwmbach Church in Wales Primary School. 


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