Green Street Church Daffodil festival

  • Green Street Church Daffodil festival

13 March 2019

On March 1st, two students from school were asked to perform as part of the Green Street Church Daffodil festival. Grace (Year 9) and Faye (Year 11) performed some classical duets on Flute and Clarinet to entertain guests before receiving an afternoon tea. Teifwen George who asked the students to perform said:


It was a great pleasure to welcome Grace and Faye to the "Young Peoples' Platform " at this year's Festival of Daffodils at Green Street Church Aberdare recently . Their performance was of a very high standard and much appreciated and enjoyed by all. They are such lovely young ladies and deserve all our praise and support. We look forward to hearing them perform in the near future again. St. John's High School can be very proud of Grace and Faye.
I hope they enjoyed the tea that followed.!!!




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