BBC Young Reporter trip - 26/09/10

  • BBC Young Reporter

BBC Young Reporter – written by Lloyd L, Daniel H, Ethan C, Morgan L and Jessica D.

A report about the BBC Young Reporter trip we took on Thursday 26th of September 2019


Lloyd: When I first met Rosehip Teahouse I was surprised by how chilled out they were! When asked about what they wanted their audience to feel while listening they replied: “I want them to take from it what they need.” They want their audience to feel happy and at peace. When asked what they write their songs about they replied: “Mainly personal experiences but sometimes love songs.” I was Impressed when I met them because they were just nice people trying to reach out to others through music.


Daniel: One of my personal favourite influencers we met was Huw Stephens. Huw is a famous BBC Radio 1 DJ from Cardiff. It was nice to talk to such a well-known person who grew up in the same place as us: Wales! He talked about his favourite musicians. Johnny Cash was the main musician who stood out to me as I love his music as well. He was an overall friendly and charming person and exactly the same as us, music lovers.

I felt like I de-humanised celebrities because of their fame, however they are the same as us. Just people, who in Huw’s case, spreading their love of music with other people!

Ethan: One of the amazingly talented music artists we met was Jack Perret. Just talking to him you could grasp his love of music straight away. I personally liked his style because he is influenced by some of the artists I like: Oasis and Green day.

Morgan: After we interviewed Jack, we were taken into a large hall with lots of people who also had a passion for music and were intrigued to find out how to make it in the music industry. There was a performance! While we waited for everything to be set up, we helped ourselves to some tea, coffee and biscuits! After roughly about 10 minutes: the first band started to perform. The band was Rosehip Teahouse who we had interviewed earlier that day. They played 3 songs which we all thought were really good.













Jessica: We had the pleasure of hearing a talk from Marcus Russell, former manager of Oasis, now managing Catfish and The Bottlemen, as well as Huw Stephens, who we met earlier that day. During the interview, Marcus talked animatedly about his time as the manager of Oasis, while at the same time managing Ebbw Vale Rugby Club, with music and rugby being his two great passions.

He looked back fondly on his time with Oasis, stating: “That the band weren’t control freaks, but there were many tempestuous arguments between the two brothers”. However, he was clear to the point out that most of the time, it was a privilege and a pleasure to manage the boys and even joked that it was more challenging running a rugby club. He is now managing the band ‘Catfish and The Bottlemen’. He laughingly stated that: “although the two bands’ music style was similar, their personalities are completely different.” Finally, we had some tips on how we could become band managers ourselves. It was very impressive.