Cerys, Year 10

When we arrived at the Cardiff Millennium Centre, we were greeted by members of staff from BBC School Report. We had to introduce ourselves to the other schools and we were then told how the day would unfold.

Our first class was virtual reality simulation where we had to choose a theme or location to work on and make it attractive to the viewer. I chose underwater. I enjoyed it so much that I was one of the first to complete the challenge set and won a competition to receive my very own Virtual Reality headset. It is so exciting that I can use it with my very own mobile phone and use it on the go.

The second workshop involved LEGO coding. We had to make a robotic vehicle travel around a course using codes that we had input. We were awful at first, struggling to compete with other groups from other schools, but once we realised what was needed we soon created a vehicle which manoeuvred flawlessly. That was the funniest part of the day: working together to create an effective robot that none of us had ever tried before.

Our last class was after lunch, it involved Digital Profiling. They course leaders asked us to film ourselves as if in an interview scenario. They gave us all individual feedback which was very constructive and helped me blossom with confidence. Once they helped everyone in the class, they then played each pupil’s video to the rest of the group and we could all see how much we had improved and how talented we all were. I even made a contact with the course leader as she is/was a fellow actress and gave me advice and what to do going forward. The day was priceless and has opened my eyes to the world of journalism.