Horizon project interviews

By Dafydd, Darius and Megan 

We interviewed Rosehip Teahouse, Huw Stephens and Jack Perret  


Our school was given the massive opportunity to interview three people involved in the BBC Horizon Project and also one of the presenters that work for BBC Wales and BBC Radio.  These interviews gave an insight into their lives of inside music and how to get inside the business of presenting and also what has helped them throughout their career. 

Megan said, “The trip was an enlightening experience, full of wonderful new opportunities and things to experience”.

Darius said, “The trip was very informative in telling me about journalism”

I liked the trip as it gave me the chance to experience something new and nothing like I have ever done before.

Picture outside of BBC Cymru Wales 

Huw Stephens 

All the schools together Interviewed Huw and the questions like how you become a producer like he is and what he prefers in types of music and how do you get into music and how he rose through the industry. He talked about strategies to get into the top of the music business.

One of the pupils that went on this trip, Darius Haughty, asked a question that is relevant in our cancel culture society today, “Do you get criticism and if so how do you overcome it?”. Huw replied, “You can’t please everyone on the radio”, telling us how hard an industry that is because the music is so subjective and never will everyone like the music you put on and he says if you want to enter this industry, you have to “develop a thick skin”. He was discriminated by his accent most of the time, but he got over that as he said he “never put on an accent”.

Picture taken with Huw Stephens with the other schools after the interview

Rosehip Tea House 

Our school interviewed Rosehip first and we interviewed the founder of the group Faye Rogers and their manager. We asked her questions on how she rose through the music business and how she got into it in the first place, we also asked her manager a question as well.

I asked Faye, “Was there a particular moment in the industry where you realised that this was the career path for you and it was going to work” she replied with “people started coming to our gigs and our songs were getting listens on Spotify” this shows her passion for the industry as she was prepared to put herself out there and put her up to scrutiny also the fact that she put her music up on Spotify shows that she was prepared to put her music up for the masses to hear meaning she was trying to allow her work to grow and develop.

Megan asked, “Is there any social situation that you want to hammer home in your music?”. Faye answered the main issue she wants to portray is mental health, she says that it is because of her life and how she “when she went into a bad state and went to a psychiatric ward”, she wants to raise awareness of this so other people don't have to suffer in silence. Telling us how everyone has their struggles, but you can overcome it. With music.


During the interview with Rosehip Teahouse

Jack Perret

He is a solo artist in the Horizon project and he is from Manchester and we asked him questions about his favourite artists and what he wants to accomplish in music. He said generally, he wanted to play at the biggest arenas and that the wholeheartedly believes in his music.

I asked, “Was there a particular part in your life our a gig where you thought that you could make a living out of it?”, he replied that when he experienced a gig he did in the great escape and people were “queuing outside before we played which blew my mind really”. This is where he actually thought that he could do this and the sight of people actually wanting to see him opened his eyes. He also said that he tried for 5 years to get into the Horizon project, “it was the best decision he made as it will propel him forward”.