Real news workshop

My BBC Young Reporter Experience by Ethan, Year 8

On 21st of January, fellow students of St Johns and myself visited BBC studios, Cardiff. When we arrived, we were brought into the lobby to be signed in, while waiting, we noticed a life size Dalek (From Doctor Who) in the corner of the room! We took some photos, then we were led away to our workshop location. When we got there, we were offered some tea and biscuits, which we were all keen to try. They were delicious! Once everyone was there, we were introduced to Zoe, a producer at the BBC. She informed us that we would be learning about fake news as well as real news and how to learn to distinguish the two from one another.

We watched a few videos about clickbait, spin, satire news, and why people make fake news. We were then shown a story that sounded completely unrealistic at first, however, once we were given enough evidence about the story, we realised that it was a real event that had happened.


After this, we were then introduced to Paul and Holly, who were journalists at the BBC. We asked them questions about their jobs and learnt what is required to be a journalist and what the everyday life of a journalist is like. We all learnt some interesting and fascinating facts and insights from them. I really enjoyed our visit to the BBC.

BBC Young Reporter Workshop by Lloyd, Year 8

When my friends and I arrived at the BBC, we were amazed at how big it was! When we went into the reception, there was a Dalek from the tv show Doctor Who. Being the fans we were, we all took it in turns to take a selfie with it. It was great fun! I was also impressed when I saw the screens above the main reception displaying what was happening on every BBC channel and radio station.

When we arrived at the workshop room, we were greeted by a BBC producer called Zoe who was using a projector to display the topic of ‘Fake News’. Zoe started to inform us on how to identify fake news. We took part in games which required us to guess if the news story was fake or real and to decide what news platforms should be trusted and which shouldn’t. There was one story about a girl whose lung collapsed at a One Direction concert and we all had to decipher whether it was true or false.

Later on, we had a break for lunch, that was followed by a BBC reporter Paul and an apprentice Holly, who talked to us about how they had got into journalism and more specifically the BBC. They told us what to look out for as a journalist and how to find a great story. They were very interesting people and spent lots of time answering all our questions. I really enjoyed my experience at the BBC and would go back again!