Careers Information and Options

Formal Careers Education begins in Year 9, when choices of subjects have to be made for the ensuing years. In those years, Careers Education continues under the supervision of the teacher responsible for Careers Education, with the object of making pupils aware of the kinds of employment available at different educational levels, both locally and further afield, and
of their likely suitability for them. This tuition includes careers visits, visiting speakers and travelling exhibitions.

In the course of Year 11, some pupils are also interviewed individually by qualified officers of Careers Wales who are at all times willing to help pupils and parents, as well as the teaching staff members concerned, from their wide knowledge and expertise in this field. All Year 12 and 13 pupils are also seen regularly by the Leader of Sixth Form or Learning Manager, who give guidance with regard to Higher and Further Education, and, in the matter of Careers, liaises closely with the school’s Careers Education Department. The school has a Careers office, where a collection of books, pamphlets, prospectus and ICT facilities are available to pupils, who are all encouraged to use these facilities.

Careers are also a part of PSE which is compulsory for all pupils. This includes mock interviews for Year 11, speakers, information on finance, choosing a career, research skills, labour market information etc.