Assembly - Collective Worship

Assembly - Collective Worship

In a Church in Wales School, we have a moral and ethical duty to ensure that worship is a regular feature of our school life and that it is conducted in the right spirit.  Therefore, each school day begins with Assembly or Form Prayers.

It is not possible for all pupils to be accommodated in the Assembly Hall, therefore attendance at Assembly for pupils and staff follow the rota as published.  Those forms who are not taking part in worship in the school hall remain in their form rooms and take part in Form Prayers with their Form Tutor.

Each form, led by the Form Teacher, lead's the school assembly at least once during the school year.

Members of the Leadership Group are involved in the Assemblies on a weekly rota basis, and the monitoring of Form Prayers.

Form Tutors remain with their form during the assembly service.  Those forms not in Assembly conduct a short service or have form prayers in their registration classes.  

Guidelines for staff are provided by Mr A Hollidge (Curriculum Leader of Religious Education and Co-ordinator of Worship) to help staff to prepare a meaningful service.  All rooms used for registration purposes have been provided with a copy of the Book of Common Prayer and a copy of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible.  The form period is then used for pastoral work.