Healthy School's Scheme

Healthy Schools Scheme

At St John Baptist we are working towards The Welsh Network for Healthy School Scheme, which actively promotes the physical, mental and social health and wellbeing of all. You will be involved in a number of Health related activities throughout the school year as well as it being a part of the daily school life.

Appetite for Life

Appetite for Life sets out the Welsh Assembly Government’s agenda for improving the food and drink provided throughout the school day.

Children’s behaviour patterns are set very early in life and by the time they reach adolescence behaviours can be very hard to change. Appetite for Life recognises that food provided at school, although important, forms only part of children and young people’s diets. At the same time, school provides an ideal environment to convey positive messages on healthy eating and to support them through appropriate behaviours.

Tips for staying fit and healthy

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases, put your hand over your mouth and use a tissue. 

Wash your hands with hot water and soap; after going to the toilet, sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose and before eating.


Healthy Eating Code


You will learn about the Healthy Eating Code in Food Technology lessons.

Remember that you should:

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, which give you the A,C, E vitamins and dietary fibre
Eat chicken & fish give you protein
Eat plenty of starchy foods (bread, rice, pasta and potatoesfor energy
Milk, cheese and yoghurt for strong bones and teeth
Eat less fat, can lead to being overweight or obesity
Eat less sugar, causes tooth decay
Eat less salt, causes high blood pressure

Keeping fit

You need to do at least one hour of physical activity. Find out about the 5x60 programme running in school during lunchtimes and after school.

What’s in your lunch box?

A healthy lunchbox has a variety of foods from these food groups:

Fruits and vegetables

1 portion of fruit and 1 portion of vegetables

Dairy foods

1 portion daily of a food rich in calcium is essential for children’s growing bones

Meat, fish and alternatives

1 portion of a food rich in protein either on its own or a sandwich filler



“Drink to think!”

Remember alway include a drink. Water, milk, pure fruit juice or a smoothie are good choices. It is important to drink plenty of water.

Other ideas to add to lunchboxes:

Apple, apple cake, banana, banana bread, breadsticks (with low fat cream cheese dip), carrot cake, cereal bar, cheese cubes, cheese scone, cherry tomatoes, currant bun, dried fruits, fromage frais, fruit juice, fruit muffin, fruit smoothie, fruit squash, fruit yoghurt, gingerbread, grapes, kiwi fruit, lychees, malt loaf, mini cheeses, mixed nuts and raisins, satsumas, scone, strawberries, tea cake, unsalted pretzels, vegetable sticks e.g. carrot, celery, cucumber, sweet pepper, watermelon.