Killington, U.S

Just to introduce myself, my name's Ben, and I was the ski rep with Equity for your school's recent trip to Killington in the U.S. during February Half Term. I spent the whole week with Simon, Alex, Matt, Jan and the pupils from your school, and I just wanted to write and say what a pleasure it was to spend the week with them all. I have previously worked in the mountains for a number of seasons, and also spent 3 years working as a teacher, and so I have experienced both the good and the very bad of school trips and school groups. 

I have to say that the group from your school were the best I have experienced. The group were complemented by almost everyone we came into contact with - the hotel, restaurants, the ski school, the drivers, even the cinema in the town we stayed in - for being such a friendly and polite group, they were always on time and approached everything with such enthusiasm. They were also great at organising themselves and keeping to arrangements made by staff, which made things run really smoothly. They were a great credit to your school

I think a lot of credit also should go to Simon and the staff - they were really well organised and clearly have a great relationship with the students, and were really welcoming and friendly.

Ben Carr