Sean Loveridge

A year has passed since I finished my time at St John’s, and what a year it has been! Since my A-Levels, I have moved on to studying Engineering at New College, Oxford University. I’ll be honest, it was incredibly nerve-wracking turning up on the first day – this was not helped by the fact that, following the sat-nav, I accidentally turned up at the wrong college!   After a quick, embarrassed explanation, I arrived at New College. This is one of Oxford’s oldest colleges, and also (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful. My initial fear subsided when I found out how wonderfully welcoming the place is, with everyone either being in the same position as me (as a first-year), or understanding exactly how I felt as they had gone through it before. I soon began to settle in and gained a fantastic group of friends.  There are many other societies available to help make your time even more enjoyable, including many music societies, sports clubs, quiz societies and even a Harry Potter society!  I was really pleased when I broke into the University karting team in my first term, competing at tracks all over the UK.  There are some quirky traditions too - like having to wear a gown, bow tie and carnation to exams!  After the last exam you even get squirted with silly string! 

I have gradually got used to just how much work I have to do in my 8-week terms. The work is hard, but I enjoy it – which is why I chose this course. Now that my exams (and first year) are over, I can spend my summer relaxing – with the hope that next year will be just as good or even better.