Year 6 Open Day - 20 February 2014

"I love all the different activities and I can’t wait until I can come to St Johns".

"I feel great because today was awesome".

"I feel happy today because it’s a great school and I can’t wait to come into Year 7".

"I had lots of fun and learnt a lot of things. I’m excited about coming here next year".

"I loved visiting St Johns today because it was very welcoming and it made me want to stay another day. I enjoyed the storyteller, circus skills and planetarium and sports skills".

"I feel very happy and confident about coming to St Johns".

"I loved St Johns because they are very welcoming. I’m looking forward to coming here".

"People were nice and the day was fun".

"I felt welcomed and the activities were interesting and if I needed help there was someone to help me".

"I have made new friends and I love the lessons".

"I have enjoyed it here today and have had fun".

"I have had lots of fun and got new friends and I loved the food".

"It was really fun doing all the different activities. The food was also lovely and I made new friends".

"I loved St Johns and I really liked the food. I also really enjoyed the storytelling. It was a great day".

"I enjoyed sports skills because I love sport".

"I felt great today because I got to make more friends and I really want to come here".

"It was good to see my next school and I enjoyed the activities. I look forward to coming next time, thank you".

"When I got here I made friends and everyone was so nice to me so that was good".

"I enjoyed today because I made new friends and I enjoyed the activities".

"I am excited to come back to the school in a couple of months because I really enjoyed today’s activities".

"I love coming to this school because everybody is kind and nice".

"It was the best visit ever! Thanks for the best day ever"!

"The school is awesome and the staff are lovely".

"I’m happy because I’m so looking forward to coming up here in September".

"It was exciting to come here and I can’t wait for September".

"Excited to come here in September".

"I feel happy because I done loads of sports skills".

"I felt happy because it was a really good day. I enjoyed St Johns".

"There are loads of different activities to do each day. I feel good".

"I found St Johns to be fun and Interesting".

"I enjoyed the day at St Johns because we did fun activities".

"The food was nice and the activities were good and the staff were friendly".

"I do feel that I had a good day because I met some new people, the teachers are very friendly and I feel like I could achieve a lot in this school".

"I feel St Johns is the best comp ever".

"I liked coming here because everyone was friendly and welcoming and this school is really fun".

"I had a great time".

"I feel excited because I know that there are nice teachers and nice friends".

"I loved it, it was awesome".

"It was really fun and it was really nice. I enjoyed all the lessons and I cant wait until I come here".

"Im happy because I had fun today".

"It was fun what we did today. I love St Johns, I want to come back here. Im happy - thank you".

"There was lots of activities which was fun and there was lots of teachers I met and I loved the food".

"I feel like I do because it is very fun and enjoyable".

"I enjoyed the St Johns day because the circus men were funny and the pupils and teachers are nice".