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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new mobile communication application the School Gateway. Regular communication with Parents/Carers is of paramount importance to us and we are confident that using this application will increase your engagement with the progress of your son/daughter’s education. The application will allow you to access up to date information on timetables, attendance, behaviour, achievement and messages direct from the school.

Parents also have access to a free App for Apple and Android smartphones which let you

  • see all messages and alerts from the school e.g. school closure and attendance queries
  • send messages to the school for free e.g. for replying to attendance queries
  • make payments for dinner money

To have access to the School Gateway the school needs to have a record of your mobile phone number AND email address which is then linked to your child’s records in school.

Please update your records using one of the following forms:

Click Here to update parents / carers details


For Sixth Form Students: A student version will be made avaiable for you please update your student details on the following link:

Clich Here for Sixth Form Student Gateway


Once registered you can download the app to access the service.

Enter the e-mail address and mobile telephone number that you have provided to the school. You will receive a text message from School Gateway with a PIN number. Use this PIN to login to the School Gateway service.