Marks awarded for homework, classwork and regular assessments are recorded throughout the year by subject teachers who, by this and other means, monitor pupils’ progress, reporting to the Curriculum Leaders and to a member of the Leadership Group in cases of difficulty. A traffic light system is used to monitor progress. All pupils are regularly assessed during each half term and progress is recorded in a manner and form complying with National Curriculum orders/ Examination requirements. Reports are sent annually to parents, which record the performance of pupils, the comments made by each subject teacher upon the degree of effort shown by the pupil and progress to date. Pupil progress, at all levels, is recognised through a Reward System. Interim reports are also given to pupils in Years 7 to 11.

Yr 12/13 pupils have formal external examinations in June as part of their AS and A2 courses. Parents do not need, however, to wait for reports to establish progress. Parents can contact the appropriate Assistant Headteacher or Learning Manager to arrange an appointment to discuss their child(ren)’s progress at any time.