Rules and Rewards

Wherever possible, we aim to be positive in our approach and to notice and reward good behaviour rather than take it for granted. We believe that everyone should have equal access to rewards in our school, not just those who are academically able. Pupils respond to the right kind of reward and our aim is to develop and use a breadth of strategies, which will enable each individual pupil to achieve self-esteem by feeling that their particular talents are valued. Staff are encouraged to use a range of rewards to promote good behaviour and achievement. The school operates a rewards system for pupils. Rewards may be in the form of:

  • Positive verbal feedback to a pupil
  • Telephone calls or letters home by relevant Assistant Headteacher or Learning Manager, informing a parent of a pupil’s achievements
  • Presentations of certificates during assemblies
  • Postcards home 
  • Awards at the school’s annual Prize-Giving ceremony
  • Headteacher’s Commendations

School rules are devised in the best interests of the school community. They are directed towards matters of school attendance and time keeping, performance of classwork and home learning, school uniform and pupils’ appearance, attitude, conduct and behaviour. Copies of the School Rules are issued to parents of incoming Year 7 pupils when they are notified that their application for admission has been accepted, along with the home school agreement. In accepting the place offered, parents are asked specifically to confirm that they will give full support to the efforts made to ensure the maintenance of the school’s high standards, and compliance with the School Rules made for that purpose.